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Wooden houses, homes of the future! Earthquake-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation, low price and short execution time ...


The interior finishes of a building include the following works:

  • floors
  • plasters
  • plywood
  • paintings
  • dye-works
  • wallpapers and carpenters

having a functional role, decorative, hygienic and sanitary. With new techniques in interior and efficient materials we can increase the quality of these works.

For our clients, we provide projection services and interior / exterior design to ease the task of choosing an optimal solution, our experience in the field are available. For interior designs we will offer material that combines durability and aesthetic qualities with ease maintenance. These materials produced by well known companies in the world market, have a quality that is maintained to a high standard in accordance with international norms in force. All products have been approved according to the regulations in force in Romania.

We provide for the interior designs a young and responsible team with and innovative and pleasant ideas. The interior of your house will look exactly as you dreamed. You can use only organic products that will not affect the health of you and your children. An interior decorated by us is relaxing, offering space and light.

  • architecture and interior design
  • masonry or plasterboard partitioning type
  • stairs and wall cladding flooring with ceramic tiles, marble, granite etc.
  • wiring and plumbing
  • montages of classic and laminated parquet
  • sets of various materials (plaster, metal, steel, powder, etc.)
  • The first impression that your home leaves is generated by external appearance, layout court, alleys, outer wall, gate or roof. These are work surfaces when referring to exterior finishes. Do not underestimate the visual impact produced by them. By outside a house needs to breathe, so to communicate through colors, textures and decorating style.

    We are open to customer opinions, but we come with our recommendations, given back not only the our experience, but also our imagination. We offer free and unconditional advice and assistance, in interior and exterior finishes when someone asks for our help.