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Wooden houses, homes of the future! Earthquake-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation, low price and short execution time ...


  • wooden houses are addressed to small and medium-income families
  • reduced costs by 30-40% compared to masonry houses
  • reduced execution time (45-90 days)
  • high thermal and sound protection
  • maximum diversity of interior and exterior
  • ecological house

The structure of the modern buildings of wood is made of softwood timber used in the most optimal consolidated OSB panels and other metal items now. This type of structure offers superior advantages to construction of concrete compared to traditional wood:

  • getting a lightweight and highly resistant structures
  • elasticity of wood provides safety in case of earthquakes
  • efficient and economical use of wood
  • reduced while achieving the construction
  • If we will add to this structure modern construction materials (mineral wool, gypsum, membranes, etc.) we will get a very good thermal and sound insulation, optimal indoor humidity and a very healthy living climate.

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