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Wooden houses, homes of the future! Earthquake-resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation, low price and short execution time ...


MAGIC UTIL CONFORT company offers clients full service at European standards, using modern techniques, quality materials and a team of well trained professionals. For the result of a collaboration with us to be consistent with your expectations, our company offers the following:

  • a professional, young, dynamic, open and thoroughly trained team in the construction and facilities, which will be available at any particular time to satisfy the various desires and needs with standards, regulations and legislation.
  • full service civil engineering and industrial, plumbing, heating and electrical, metal, interior (false ceilings, paneling and partitions with gypsum boards and parquet coverings, etc..).
  • While some designers focused on expensive and complicated solutions with the materials used, such as for example concrete or flexible metal alloys to achieve earthquake resistant structures, wooden constructions are the only experiments using items made of wood . It is very important to follow the optimization results in this experiment, because wood is a renewable material, inexpensive and can provide solutions to customers. A team of researchers from five universities are currently working on finding ways wood would withstand earthquakes. If they succeed, we will see cheap houses, made of durable wood that can withstand even an earthquake that shakes the ground.
    video case lemn cutremur video lemn cutremur Video demonstrations with a wooden construction that withstand an earthquake of 7.5 degrees
  • quality materials
  • safety and speed in execution
  • modern ideas
  • able to solve in the most convenient construction issues, consolidations, repairs, demolition (on price, quality and terms of execution) for both civil and social buildings, and industrial buildings
  • guarantee for the full range of works executed
  • permanent collaboration

Quality, professionalism, speed, reliability and the affordable prices are the fundamental basis of our company, so that you, our clients to be satisfied with our services and also with the collaboration with our company. But we know that there's always room for improvement and that's why we accept and apply new and modern ideas, also being open for collaborations with other companies in the country or abroad.

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